Random Thought

The idea of dying soon is something that creeps many people out. Death is a taboo topic that most of us prefer to touch only when we attend a wake, or we visit our loved ones at the cemetery. Every night, I can’t help but think: What would happen if I die in ten days? What would happen if I had only ten days left to enjoy this life? I tend to make jokes about it. My first thoughts are eating a lot of junk food, watching TV, or watch movies until the moment comes. But the truth is, I wouldn’t do such things if, in fact, I died in ten days. Dying soon is pretty scary, but I think I will be brave enough not to go crazy, and I will probably try to fix any unsolved issues I may still have.

If I were to die next week, I might start thinking about all the things that I haven’t completed. Maybe I won’t be able to do anything about them, but I know for a fact that I will be an ocean full of regret tears. I am not the person who cries often, but a shock like this will probably break me. If it didn’t, I would be scared of myself. I am pretty sure this situation may happen on the first day. As a consequence, I will waste twenty-four hours of this 10-day limit because I know how I react to difficult situations. On the other hand, starting the second day, I will start contacting all the people I had a friendship with. I will call them to say thank you. I have to be grateful for everything they taught me. All the friendships I have, and had, have taught me a valuable lesson; either good or bad. So, I think I will spend most of these ten days trying to get in touch with them. I know I’d be brave enough to call all the people I’ve come in contact with.

Many people say that if you leave this world without solving your problems, you will stay here haunting people’s lives, or worse, not being able to rest in peace. A part of me wants to be a ghost so bad. I like the idea of being able to come back and scare my family and friends. But the thought of not being able to rest for eternity irks me to a point that I cannot stand; therefore, I will use the time I have left to fix as much as I can. Trying no to leave any mess behind; thinking about my friends and family’s well-being. I know it sounds a little bit corny, but that is honestly how I feel about life. I never want to bother others. I like to mind my own business, and that would not change even if I were about to die soon.

As I mentioned before, the day of our death is not something we talk normally with another person. We see people dying in movies, on TV shows, in books, in the news, in songs, etc. But when we have to talk about reality, most of us avoid that conversation. Sorry if I made you think about existence, but I did it because in ten days, I might die.

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